aSR Universal Connector

Adding customer-specific driving simulation to sensor development.

Success Story

Open interface

Interface to any driving simulator tool.


Fully independent from AVx version, host, OS, bitness.


Easy substitution of driving simulator tool.

Consider all factors

Sensor testing in virtual test drives.

As part of the development of the sensor stack for vehicle functions and automated driving, the sensor stack must be tested taking into account the influencing factors.

Factors such as driving dynamics, weather, external traffic, sensor position and the selection of sensors play an important role here.

Investigating these factors in real prototypes is costly and time-consuming.

By coupling the physically accurate sensor simulation AVxcelerate Sensors from Ansys with a customer-specific driving simulation tool using the aSR AVx Connector, a virtual development environment is generated which enables the sensor perception to be tested and validated in virtual test drives.

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