aSR Sensodrive Connector

Expand the HMI of your simulator for ADAS and AD.

Test ADAS and AD

Robust display of ADAS and AD functions with Sensodrive hardware.

Adjust parameters

Live parameterisation of steering and pedals.

Open interface

Interface to any driving simulator tool

X-by-wire testing

Testing of steer-by-wire and brake-by-wire.

The human factor plays an important role in the development and testing of driver assistance systems. Until now, driver assistance systems have mostly been tested in real test drives in expensive prototypes.

Driving assistance systems can be analysed and tested much earlier in the development process and more cost-effectively as part of virtual test drives with a driving simulator (driver-in-the-loop).

The aSR Sensodrive Connector enables a robust and detailed representation of ADAS and AD functions in a driving simulator, the testing of steer-by-wire and break-by-wire, live parameterisation while the simulation is running and an easy-to-use user interface.
Function developers thus receive direct feedback from the drivers on the tested function.

Enable the display of ADAS and AD in your simulator!

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