Project goal

Connection of the physical sensor simulation Ansys Avxcelerate Sensors to available driving simulation tools.


Development of a universal interface that enables fast and simple direct tool integration; the interface must also be compatible with the aSR Simulation Framework (middleware).


Setup of a connector with two modules: Module 1 controls the AVx instance as a wrapper, while Module 2 prepares the simulation feed of the static and dynamic objects for AVx and retrieves the resulting sensor outputs. Both modules use IP-communication for highest flexibility and Module2 can even be split in simulation data provider and sensor data receiver.


Separation of driving and sensor simulation to use most suitable tool for each domain and distributed hardware, Switch in internal software tools or versions has no risk in loosing access to sensor simulation, AVX library of sensors/assets independent of connected simulation tools


PoC finished, available soon

“Testing and validating sensor perception in full stack for ADAS and automated driving in simulation is becoming increasingly important. Working with aSR allows our customers to quickly and easily couple their tools with Ansys AVxcelerate Sensors, which enables the use of customers’ driving scenarios to investigate the perception of radar, lidar and camera sensors, speeding up the virtual prototype design process.”

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