Limited Warranty

The aSR Driving Simulator is covered with a one year limited warranty.

Defects due to vandalism and modifications are not covered by the warranty. Please note our terms and conditions for further detailed informations.

Warranty and repair process

Step 01

Get in touch with aSR via E-Mail:

Name the simulator ID, the not functioning part and describe the issue.

You will receive

  1. a repair number
  2. the manual for dismantling
  3. the shipping address

If you have a service contract (silver or gold) aSR will directly send you a replacement part.

Step 02

Dismantle the defect part from the simulator, package it and write the repair number on top of the package.

Send the package to the shipping address.

Step 03

After receipt of the defect part(s), aSR will check whether the defect parts

a) are under warranty
b) are a repair case or
c) have to be replaced by new parts and gets in touch with

The expenses for repair, replacement and shipping will be invoiced if the defect part is not under warranty.

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