Project goal

Tool independent interface for high quality visualization (Unreal Engine)


Compatibility for different tools, operating systems, common visual input data formats required.Solution:Plug-and-play library module for generalized communication in between simulation and visualization.


Independence of visualization from simulation tools, cross-domain usage and asset preservation, high quality visualization and management & exhibition readiness.



“Experiencing and evaluating ADAS and automated driving in simulation is becoming increasingly important. For this, a high-resolution visualization is crucial for the quality of the experience.

The interface of aSR enables the quick and easy coupling of an existing tool chain with our high-quality visualization Antemotion Midgard Engine, based on Unreal 5.
Overall, this saves a lot of time and money during implementation and enables a qualitative representation of the simulation.”

Luca Gasbarro, CEO, Antemotion s.r.l.

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