Project Goal

Extend simulation and simulator coupling framework FERAL with physical vehicle control elements provided by aSR driving simulator for DiL-enabled testing of ADAS functions.


Provision of suitable co-simulator configuration, connection of FERAL to aSR driving simulator hardware.


Use of aSR driving simulator drivers and FERAL connector interfaces for establishment of integrated ADAS testbed.


Easy instantiation of FERAL-based Virtual Continuous Integration Platform (VCIP) reference architecture enabling evaluation of, a.o., vehicular applications and base software.


Step 1 completed – further integrations ongoing

Information about FERAL

“The seamless integration of the aSR driving simulator into the VCIP/FERAL-based testing environment at Fraunhofer IESE has further extended its capabilities and application scenarios in the context of quality assurance of cyber-physical automotive systems.”

Adam Bachorek, Expert „Virtual System Integration“, Fraunhofer IESE
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