Disruptive approach for vehicle development:

A breeding ground for more efficient processes.

Existing processes reinterpreted: aSR advanced Simulated Reality, a high-tech start-up from Stuttgart, Germany, aims to accelerate development processes while saving costs with an innovative hardware and software platform.

Automotive industry: An industry in upheaval.

The challenges of electric mobility, highly automated driving and digitalization are forcing the automotive industry to undergo radical changes: In the future, manufacturers will differentiate themselves less through hardware configurations and more through connectivity, networking options with other mobility carriers and driver assistance systems. Radical changes in established development processes will be necessary to shape this technological change.

Entrepreneurship: A start-up offers a breeding ground for innovation.

The young high-tech start-up “aSR advanced Simulated Reality GmbH” from Stuttgart has set itself the task of providing an innovative breeding ground for new methods and processes within vehicle development.

The three founders Christoph Gümbel, Simon Gimpel and Marc Strobel, all experienced industry experts, know the great potential in virtual prototyping and want to contribute to further exploit this potential.

The aSR Driving Simulator: integrating the human factor into the development process.

Increasing digitalization and connectivity are putting the human factor at the center of the development of future vehicle functions.

Driving simulators are an efficient way to evaluate the interaction between vehicle and driver at the earliest point in the vehicle development process. They close the gap between simulation and real prototype studies, accelerate the development process and reduce physical prototypes.

With the aSR Driving Simulator, aSR offers a compact modular driving simulator for the engineering workplace of the future.

The aSR Simulation Framework: Collaboration as an ideal breeding ground for efficient development processes

The growing interconnectivity of vehicles increases the complexity and quality requirements of new vehicle developments, while simultaneously cost and time expenditures increase.

The pressure on limited development resources continues to increase and requires new digital solutions for interdisciplinary cooperation.

With the aSR Simulation Framework, aSR is establishing an innovative platform for collaboration in virtual vehicle development: developers, suppliers and service providers are merged with their already established, domain-specific simulation environment in a single software platform. The resulting dynamic collaboration, on a shared virtual prototype, enables a more efficient design of development processes.


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Picture 1: from left to right: Simon Gimpel (CTO), Marc Strobel (CEO) – 2 of the 3 founders

Picture 2: aSR Simulation Framework

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